Two Dance's Pieces

A one hour dance set with two major productions of Julie Dossavi’s choreographic language:
With each gust of wind the butterfly flits in the willow & Mi lè doun

Two Dance's Pieces is a dance night made up of two parts (can  be performed indoor and outdoor). 
The first part, With each gust of wind the butterfly flits in the willow, a “tailor-made” solo written by Daniel Larrieu for Julie Dossavi, a “choreographic” haute-couture outfit. A way of writing for the remarkable personality of Julie Dossavi, a dance, a space, a way of revealing something personal that involves two bodies, two natures. 
The second part, Mi lè doun, is an adaptation “P.I (Pays) or Intimate presentations”, a invitation to travel, a sensitive dialogue between dance and Afro-fusion music style and traditional-electro percussions.

With each gust of wind the butterfly flits in the willow
Choreography Daniel Larrieu
Assistant Agnès Coutard
Music Sarah Jane Morris, Jean-Jacques Palix, Colleen, Matthew Herbert
Soundtrack Song Active Production
Voice Ève Couturier, Alice Champion
Texts Franck Smith
Light designer Alain Unternher / Emmanuel Gary

Cast Julie Dossavi - dancer

Duration 23’

Astrakan - Coproduction Sacd, Montpellier Danse Festival 04 / created for Vif du sujet
Special thanks to Yvan Talbot - Studio Le Pont des arts Poitiers

Intermission 15’

Mi lè doun
Choregraphy Julie Dossavi
Music originally composed by  Yvan Talbot
Sound engineer David Godard
Costumes Julie Dossavi

Julie Dossavi - dancer
Yvan Talbot - musician

Duration 30’

Compagnie Julie Dossavi

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