Cross & Share - 2012

Choreographic and musical piece for three performers
Conception Julie Dossavi. Shared choreography with Thomas Lebrun, Serge Aimé Coulibaly, Hamid Ben Mahi. Shared direction with Michel Schweizer.

Cross & Share delves into the idea of the solo dance “as being many on the stage” by utilizing artistic collaborations around a principle of shared creation. It gives Julie Dossavi the opportunity to open her work up to new spaces, confronting new artistic universes. After composing and interpreting solos and having asked the choregrapher Daniel Larrieu to write a solo for her in 2004 (still actively performed), Julie Dossavi explores a third path, that of co-composition, co-writing with choregraphers, musicians, and a director: Thomas Lebrun, Serge Aimé Coulibaly, Hamid Ben Mahi and Michel Schweizer. This question of dialogues, of exchanges of universes, of languages, of visions is constantly present in Julie Dossavi’s oeuvre.

Conception Julie Dossavi
Shared choreography Julie Dossavi, Hamid Ben Mahi, Sergé Aimé Coulibaly, Thomas Lebrun
Direction Julie Dossavi and Michel Schweizer
Scenography Michel Schweizer
Music originally composed by Yvan Talbot and Olivier Oliver
Texts Michel Schweizer
Photos Grégory Brandel
Graphic design Marine Antony
Costumes Julie Dossavi, Thomas Lebrun and Michel Schweizer
Light designer Ivan Mathis

Julie Dossavi - dancer
Moïra - singer
Olivier Oliver - keyboard player

Duration 60'

Production · Compagnie Julie Dossavi  Coproduction · Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Les Treize Arches / Nouveau Théâtre de Brive, Compagnie Hors Série, Spedidam, Centre chorégraphique national de la Rochelle - Poitou-Charentes, Kader Attou - Compagnie Accroprap et CNCDC Châteauvallon - accueil studio   Soutien · les Ballets C de la B, Gand, Belgique, Maison des 3 Quartiers, Centre de Beaulieu et Espace Mendès France, Poitiers, Centre national de la danse, Pantin, Centre chorégraphique national de Tours, Maison du Théâtre et de la Danse d’Épinay-sur-Seine, Spedidam

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