Mi Lè Doun

Choreographic and muscian piece for two or three performers
Choreography Julie Dossavi. Music originally composed by Yvan Talbot.

This production is an adapation of P.I. (Pays) or Intimate Presentations, the first production of the company created in 2003, a play off patterns and time, that has been staged in many countries. The show has toured a lot abroad and this version of thirty minutes was created so as to be able to perform in some places. While keeping the same themes and music, the same force and energy, the same emotions: this performance is a journey through sensitive space and musical worlds, a dialogue between the Malian songs, afro-electro music fusion, traditional percussions performed by Yvan Talbot and contemporary dance. It contains the universe that Julie Dossavi especially loves to evoke, violance and gentleness with different paces of energy, the union of rigorous technique and rhythm "to the devil". Mi lè doun means "being together" in mina dialect of Benin.
Mi le doun can be performed in theaters and outdoor.

Direction & Choreography Julie Dossavi
Music originally composed by Yvan Talbot
Sound engineer David Godard
Costumes Julie Dossavi

Julie Dossavi - dancer
Yvan Talbot - musician

Compagnie Julie Dossavi

Duration 30'

Copyrights Photo : Grégory Brandel

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