The Night the Cats the Grey_Clubbing

Musical and choreographical production around nightlife for four interpreters
Choreography by Julie Dossavi. Music originally composed by El Fassa Club.

A world of pleasure, of irrationality and recklessness. A world of images, lights, exhibitions, appearances.
The nightclub’s life and its mythology, sound, crystals, sex, alcohol and drugs and chatting up.

"Julie Dossavi brings in almost a sociologic look to the nightlife, she dissects its soul". Laurence Rollet, La Filature Mulhouse

Conception and choreography Julie Dossavi
Music originally composed bymusical El Fassa Club (Yvan Talbot, Allan Houdayer, Sébastien Fauqué, Frank Quintard)
Scenography William Abello
Light designer Laurent Matignon
Costumes Chouchane Abello
Assistant Cyriaque
Sound engineer David Godard

Anaïs Roméo, Eloïse Deschemin, Marguerite Mboulé, Julie Dossavi - clubbers

Compagnie Julie Dossavi - Théâtre d’Angoulême scène nationale - CNCDC Châteauvallon - L’Odyssée scène conventionnée de Périgueux - La Coursive scène nationale de La Rochelle - La Filature scène nationale de Mulhouse - Conseil général de la Charente

Duration 60'