With Each Gust of Wind the Butterfly flits in the Willow

Solo created in July 2004 for the project "Le Vif du Sujet" (Sacd/Montpellier Danse)
Choreography by Daniel Larrieu for Julie Dossavi.

This show was created in response to a personal commission : dancer to choreographer. 
I enjoy doing this sort of “tailor-made” work, a “choreographic” haute-couture outfit. A way of writing for the remarkable personality of Julie Dossavi, a dance, a space, a way of revealing something personal that involves two bodies, two natures.
The show’s title evokes the ability to adapt, typical of dance, from the standpoint of choreographer and dancer. But it also refers to the squeezing and reworking that goes along with the job in the realm of choreographic production, when facing winds of cultural trade and cost-effectiveness. 
Adapting means changing, pursuing, proceeding with dignity, asserting desires. I stand up to the current by forging unexpected pathways into a tapestry of heartfelt encounters. I still dare to believe in poetic language and its power, by way of dance.  Daniel Larrieu, June 2004
"This solo is like a jewel, timeless, that I still perform with a genuine pleasure."  Julie Dossavi
This production can be performed indoor and outdoor

Choreography Daniel Larrieu
Assistant Agnès Coutard
Musics Sarah Jane, Jean-Jacques Palix, Colleen, Matthew Herbert
Soundtrack Song Active Production
Voices Ève Couturier, Alice Champion
Original texts written by Franck Smith

Julie Dossavi - dancer

Astrakan, Coproduction Sacd, Montpellier Danse 04
Special Thanks to Yvan Talbot, Studio Le Pont des Arts in Poitiers

Duration 30’

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